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What is P3?

P3, Personalized Prescription Plan, is a new employee benefit designed to help reduce drug waste and keep employees healthy and productive. It works by providing your employees with affordable genetic testing on an employer-paid subscription basis that can personalize their prescription drugs.

Pharmacogenomic Test

Pharmacogenomic tests help physicians to prescribe the right medication for their patients with a personalized approach. This helps to improve clinical outcomes as well as provide financial value to the health system. There are many compelling studies that support significant cost-savings value from introducing pharmacogenomics to physicians and patients. This means significant reductions in the current month to year-long trial and error of process which is the nominal practice of medical professionals.

Personalized Prescribing Inc.

Personalized Prescribing Inc. is a cutting-edge pharmacogenomic testing company focusing on precision medicine. Headquartered in Toronto, Canada, Personalized Prescribing Inc. offers a new dimension and a fresh perspective to the utilization of this exciting new science.